The Hairy Lemon

One of Dublin’s Trendiest Pubs!

The Hairy Lemon is just about as unconventional as it’s a namesake. The 19th-century house in which it resides is a little ‘outside-the-box’ as well. Painted with years of memorabilia, with a sitting room suspended in mid-air. With High Nellie’s, Wellies and even Granny’s Kitchen.

The blockbuster film, “The Commitments” also lives on in the Hairy Lemon Pub. Many scenes were filmed using the snug and bar counter from the pub.

With that said, just a few of the reasons why “The Hairy Lemon” has become one of Dublin’s best known pubs.

Lovingly painted with years of memorabilia, suspended in mid-air.

Try some Irish Whiskey

Why not ask the bar staff about your favourite whiskey or maybe try something new?

We have a great selection of Irish whiskies and we also provide tasting boards, there is definitely something you’ll enjoy!

Watch your favourite sport

Looking for somewhere to watch your favourite sport? Look no further.

We show all major sporting events, from Irish GAA, Premier League, Golf or Rugby… (we’re big Rugby fans!)

Listen and enjoy live music

With a mix of traditional Irish music and live bands played throughout the week, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Grab a pint of the good stuff, pull up a chair and sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

One of Dublin’s greatest characters

This “mysterious” Pub was christened in memory of one of Dublin’s great characters who most likely got his name from his odd appearance!

His face was lemon-shaped with the complexion of his skin akin to that particular fruit, and stubble resembling that which grows on a gooseberry.

“Hairy” was to be seen roaming the streets of Dublin in the 1940s, catching stray dogs for the police!