Dessert Menu


All served with fresh cream or ice cream

Guinness Chocolate Mousse
Guinness infused chocolate mousse with a biscuit crumble base & whipped cream topping
Traditional Bread & Butter Pudding
One of our all time favourite classic puddings served warm with fresh custard & cream or ice cream
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Indulgent chocolate cake served warm with vanilla ice cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding
A delicious moist toffee sponge pudding smothered in a warm dulce de leche
A Homemade Caramelised Apple Tart
Served with fresh cream or ice cream and creme anglaise
Irish Baileys Cream Cheesecake
Served with fresh cream or ice cream
Selection of Ice Cream (Gluten Free)
Vanilla, Chocolate or strawberry ice cream topped with chopped nuts & caramel sauce


All hot drinks are served with homemade biscuits

A short black aromatic coffee traditionally enjoyed with a little sugar
A long espresso based coffee served black
White Coffee
An espresso based coffee topped with hot steamed milk
A long mild milky drink with a gentle hint of espresso coffee
A milky combination of chocolate and espresso coffee
A combination of espresso steamed and foamed milk lightly dusted with chocolate flakes
Hot Chocolate
A scrumptious beverage made from steamed milk and coco
Decaffeinated Coffee
An instant coffee with the caffeine removed
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Pint of Milk
Glass of Milk